The name is Quay Potts. Born and raised in Duarte, CA. Driven by passion, entranced by vision, hard working and dedicated. I let my work speak for me.


Ever since I can remember, I've had a knack for visual arts. Whether it be creating films or taking photos, I've always enjoyed being able to have the freedom to create with purpose or in this case story tell.


Over a 3 years ago, I decided to create my own brand QuayVision and to take both my photography and videography skills more seriously. I've expanded my knowledge in story telling, capturing drone footage, editing videos and photos, kept up to date with the latest trends/style, and worked hard to produce an art specific to my clients' needs. 


To me, this isn't just a job. It is my passion and driving force to create content that is meaningful to my clients. So let me be your photographer/filmmaker/content creator and show you the vision through my lens. Let me showcase your business and tell your story in the best way possible.


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JUNE 2021

An LA base magazine that highlights local creators and business owners reached out to me and wanted me to share my story.



APRIL 2021 - VOL. 13

My first magazine publication. Surreal Fitness Magazine saw a photoshoot I did and reached out to have those photos featured in their magazine.



APRIL 2021

Had the good fortune to get invited onto the Grounded Phoenix podcast to share my story and connect with Johnny in a unique way talking about overcoming obsticals