We don’t just capture the moment,  we capture the feeling through a beautiful love story.

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Why Hire a Videographer.

Wedding Videograpby has changed over the years from a simple documentation of your wedding day, to a cinematic film filled with emotion and excitement.


You will not regret hiring a professional videographer, here is why:


*Your film will capture emotion that photos cannot. It will

make you cry tears of joy, laugh uncontrollably & truly capture some of the most special moments of your life.


*Your day will go by so quickly that you won't be able to see all of the exciting, funny, special, & once in a lifetime memories being made around you. You've been working tirelessly to plan this special day & you will want to be able to relive these precious moments for many years.


*For this one special day you will be surrounded by all of the people you care about... you want to capture this precious & rare event. You can never underestimate the incredible gift of having memories of the people you love & care about.


*You will have the opportunity to easily share your incredible

wedding film with friends & family via digital uploading, social media or your video book.

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Wedding Day Videos:


Josh & Malia Wedding Film

Dakota & Daisy Wedding Film

Jerry & Janae Wedding Video Highlight (BTS)

Full recap wedding film that captures the entire day with audio from ceremony and dinner speeches.

Full recap wedding film that captures the entire day with audio from ceremony and dinner speeches.

A wedding day recap. Highlights the overall day in a Behnd the Scenes style video. No audio from ceremony for dinner speeches. Just music and beautiful images from the events throughout the day.

Event Videos:

Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 9.33.12 AM.png

Save The Date Photoshoot Video Recap

50th Wedding Anniversary

Baby Shower

A Behind The Scenes video of your engagement/SaveTheDate Photoshoot.

Recap video of an Event. Audio included from speeches

Recap video of an Event. No audio from speeches. Just a Music video recap of the overall day.

Engagement & Wedding Day Portraits:

+ Clients Love

"Wow! I wasn't expecting that! OMG thank you so much for putting that together for us! the photos came out amazing and the video was so special! We Love It!